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Will be holidaying\visiting relatives in Perth over Christmas (about 16 days total).

So as not to impose and so we can also do our own thing we need to rent a car over that period and although it attracts airport fees it would be easier to pick up and drop off an the airport.

Needed for three adults and a tall 14yo so we really need something Mondeo sized.

We've started doing some searches and and first glance it doesn't look too bad coming in at around £470 (stated as fully inclusive and no hidden extras).

But when I look further, I find trick with insurance excesses. The excesses are set high (but in most cases they don't say what they are, just a wide range of what they could be), but for the car type I'm looking at, coupld be upto 4000 AUD (£2,700). So if have an accident you could find yourself with a bill for £2,700.

To protect against this, they offer an excess protection insurance which in my particular case weighs in at a hefty £160, taking the reasonable £470 upto £630.

All the companies I've looked out have a similar scheme so I guess the real answer is that there is no way around it.

But before I click 'buy now' I thought it was worth checking here first to see what your experiences are.

recommended budget rental companies
do you bother with excess protection



BTW - paying this much doesn't even mean you don't have to pay the excess - you still do, but then can claim it through additional insurance policy.

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