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Car DAB aerial upgrade

Discussion in 'Music Streamers' started by hiwakey, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. hiwakey

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    Feb 27, 2005
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    I have an early Clarion in car DAB head unit that sounds really good when it's got a signal. When living up north or in the South East - great, DAB worked fine. I now drive from home (Somerset) up the A303 to Salisbury and it's carp. The radio signal along this bit of road has never been great but it's nigh on intolerable now I'm doing it every day (ever have radio drop out right at that comedy punchline or news headline? :mad: ). DAB is not usable for 10 minutes of the 1hr journey although it switches between DAB and FM providing it has an FM station to fall back on - R1, 2, 3 & 4 only I'm afraid - none of the rest broadcast in both in our area and that cuts back on the increased choice that DAB tries to sell itself on. Even then FM on this route is not always strong enough to serve as a backup so it just falls silent once DAB's gone.
    Getting to the point however, one of the peeps in my liftshare group has a standard Passat, which has an amplified FM aerial and rarely drops out. So I've been searcing for a solution that would help both radio sections and the only unit that seems to do a "hole in one" is the £100 Blaupunkt combined amplified DAB/FM aerial with diplex splitter (price from bluespot on the web). Are there any other options or cheaper places to get them or am I spending £100 in the next couple of weeks? Thoughts/experience folks?
  2. Boy Lex

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    I know this isn't the anwer to your question!

    But maybe you should consider getting a seperate DAB aerial. I upgraded to a pioneer DAB beesting aerial a few months ago. Alright I had to drill through the roof, but the I never lose any of the national multiplexes up and down A1 and M1 and down to southampton. It extended the range of the Leeds multiplex from where I get on the motorway out of Leeds to well over half way to Hull (meaning I can listen to XFM all the way!) I was using a glass mount aerial previously.

    My radio engineer mate says that the reason it is so spectacularly better is something to do with the ground plane that the roof of the car offers it. So I guess whatever you install, If it is screened to the roof of the car then I guess it will probably give better results.

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