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brian poland

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ive got a radio cd head unit in my jeep the battery was replaced and the wrong code put in it keeps telling me to wait 2 hours this is 1 month later can anyone help please

IWC Dopplel

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I think you have found the wrong forum, doesn't sound like a processor, power amp problem. If it helps I would talk to your dealer or refer to the manual which usually has the code


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Well the only thing you can do, is get yourself to a Jeep dealer.

They'll take your car's VIN details and stereo model, and will retrieve a code.

Generally the service costs anywhere from £20-£60 depending where you go.


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I assume you realise that this means wait 2 hours with the unit switched on and the wait 2 hours message showing on the display, if you turn it off the 2 hour wait will start again.
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I know its probably a daft suggestion

Have you removed to check the stereo, see whether the code has been written on it? When I remove stereos, I see loads with the codes written on them.

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