Car audio subwoofer for home use?


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I've had one of these lying around in the garage for a while now in a 1cubic foot sealed box...

Image Dynamics USA - Products - IDMax

It seems a waste not to use it, so i was wondering if i was to incorperate it into my home system what would i need. Its dual 2 ohm so can run into either 1ohm or 4ohms.. are there any home audio amps that support this?? Is that all i would need then, an amp wired up to it and away i go.


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I killed an old prologic amp this week trying to drive a Vibe Stealth passive woofer. It sounded fine for about an hour. Now considering picking up a sub amp unit from BK as it sounded pretty good while it was going.
Image dynamics have always made great products so there is no major reason why you can't get it to sound good in the home, you must remember that it is a sub and as the last post confirms it will still need a proper amp to drive it.
Would thought at least 300w is needed even better 500w.

There are many cheap PA amps capable of powering the sub, my two top recommendations would be, first the Carlsbro Powerline series and then the Behringer EP's.

Although you cant really use the Behringers into 2 ohms as they can blow, 4 is fine.

Also you will need an active crossover, the Behringers are pretty good and cheap from £60 although the cx3400 is better than the cheaper model or better still the DCX 2496 (£160) which has auto phase and eq's so no need to buy a BFD for extra equalizing.

Just to add - a decent big-ish ported box would be much better than a small sealed box, so to increase the output and make up for some of the output lost due to it's design with cabin gain in a car.
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