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Car Alarm Interference

Just had a fun few days.....

Our vehicle is a Toyota LandCruiser and I absolutely love it. It's mostly in an immaculate condition and it's obvious to all and sundry we're quite proud of it as well as very pleased with it.

Horror of horrors!

The 'remote' wouldn't seem to work on our own drive! It wouldn't lock or unlock the vehicle and if you used the master key to manually unlock it, then the alarm sounded. In fact it even sounded and continued to sound even when one of us started the engine and drove off.

The noise was horrendous! And so embarrassing, too! What a din!

And what a bummer problem because we didn't know what the hell was wrong. Investigation and experimentation revealed the remote would work when the vehicle was not too far distant from our home. So it was only on our own drive and in front of our own home, that the alarm and remote just wouldn't work.


We took the vehicle twice to the dealers. They couldn't help rectify the problem. They re-set the whole thing up and re-matched the alarm to the keys. Everything seemed to work OK at the dealership and in fact, it seemed to work everywhere else, like in town and at the shopping mall too.

Except when we got home. Click. Nothing. Click, click, click. Nothing, nothing, nothing!

So......a lot of research on t'Internet told me that most likely problem was that something in close proximity, and most possibly even within our home, was continuously emitting a 433MHz frequency signal and was continually transmitting, localised interference. This was the same frequency as the car alarm, you see.

Has someone bugged the car? Is someone messing up the alarm so as to steal it?


And then 'Bingo!' I found out what was the culprit!

I had both moved and changed the batteries in one of those 'Wireless Weather Station' thingummies. It seems they also run at 433MHz.

I took out it's batteries. It stopped transmitting. The car alarm problem was sorted!

I don't want to stop using this thing . It automatically receives and sets the exact time from the Rugby shortwave transmitter. This weather station gadget has two satellites stations from it to tell us the temperature on two other of its channels. One is in the loft near the water tank. The other is in the garden on one leg of the pergola post.

Hmmm? Perhaps I can find another location for it? Or maybe use weaker batteries?

Anyhow, I'm not upsetting my neighbours now and I can lock up my car with its remote once again.

I hope this problem doesn't ever happen to you. However, if it now ever does, you'll know what causes it. :)


Well, that made a change from the standard topics!:clap:

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