Capturing XBox One gameplay video - help please!

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My young lad, like most young lads, is obsessed with either playing Fortnite (and occasionally other games, but mainly Fortnite!) or watching other people play it on youtube. He asked for a 'youtube kit' for Christmas. Not knowing what he was on about, we bought him a microphone that plugs into his iPhone and a stand to hold his iPhone on, thinking he just wanted to record daft videos of himself. But it seems we got it a bit wrong, as he is wanting to make the kind of film his hero, Dan TDM, makes, capturing video of him playing a game on his XBox One, with him commentating over the top of it. This is where we start to stray out of our basic IT knowledge, so I was hoping someone on here could point us in the right direction.

It seems we need a card/device to capture the film from the XBox and that this can either record it onto the laptop or can capture it direct. We'd rather he didn't monopolise the laptop though and just use it to edit his films once he has recorded them. So I guess what we need is advice as to what are the best pieces of kit we will need to buy and then how to set them up. We are, at this stage, working to as small a budget as possible, as we're not expecting him to take this any further than sharing it with a few mates. So, if anyone could help (and this would be very much appreciated!)...

1 - What would you recommend as the best, and most cost effective, way of capturing the gameplay video? Would you recommend connecting it up to the laptop or using a device which records the picture direct? I imagine the latter is more expensive, but if you could recommend decent cost effective devices it would be a great help.
2 - In order to record the sound of his excited jabbering whilst playing, do we plug his microphone into this device? If not, how do we go about it?
3 - Finally, would anyone be able to recommend a decent programme for editing the film he records on a Windows laptop.

Thanks in advance and don't be afraid of talking down to us, as we really have no idea what we are doing!


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No personal experience with it but Xbox has a basic built in capture function and can broadcast to Mixer their own streaming service. You may be able to capture the videos and edit them using the Xbox app upload studio or the photos app which also doubles as a video editor and is available on Xbox and Win 10 PC.

If the free editing software above is no good, there are a ton of other options, the corel studio doesn't cost much and works with just about everything for basic editing jobs I do, then you have the pro stuff like Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas.

The other way is something like an elgato capture kit, this is something you could plug the Xbox into, then the supplied software on the PC will record the output but you can also use other PC software too like OBS.
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