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capturing Sky+ onto PC... sound card Q's

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by Steve1138, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Steve1138


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    want to mod my PC for capturing stuff from Sky+ (via S-vid / opt-dig out's)...

    but what about Sound cards ?

    If I get one with optical In & Out, should it work w. no prob's ?
    What do I need to watch out for ?

    What difference would a 24/96/192 (eg.: Terratec Aureon Sky) card make compared to a 8/16 bit one (Terratec Aureon Fun or SixPack 5.1), if I don't plan to use any analogue inputs ?

    I thought - if I pull the audio in from Sky+ using optical-digital, it shouldn't matter too much (?)
    For non-AC-3 recordings, the audio should come over in PCM ?

    and are there any problems to look out for in combo with the TV / capture card ?
    (had shortlisted the Pinnacle PCTV and Terratec Cinergy 400 TV until I found out out about the ProLink Xcapture card on here yesterday, which now looks like the better option)

    Thx in advance - Steve

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