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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by philipb, Aug 26, 2004.

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    I've been palying around with various capture packages to find one which works well with the Sweetspot card.

    I wanted one which captures to MPEG2 in real time at good quality.

    There are only a few I have found which recognise the RGB input - PowerVCR for example only sees the s-video input - iuVCR does but it only captures AVI; and Showshifter captures MPEG4 which is fine but not what I want.

    I did track down one though - Main Concept PVR 1.1. These guys market MPEG encoders which are well regarded, so I hoped this would perform well. It's a fully functional PVR with timesifting, etc etc but I just wanted to use it to capture from Sky+.
    It also captures AVI if you want to encode separately later. And it has an editing facility. It even has an automatic facility to take out adverts.

    It sees the various inputs of the Sweetspot as different channels - RGB appears as channel 11, s-video is channel 10. It has several different settings for capture.

    Quality is very good. You can capture to HD at high bitrates to maximise quality, then use its own authoring tool to enable playback by Theatertek. This is a very basic authoring tool however and if you want decent menus, chapters etc it won't really do the job. But it its good enough as I say to enable you to play the file from HD using a good quality player like TT.

    Its available from the Main Concept website as a trial download, and the full version only costs just over £20.

    BTW - I also have a PMS SDI capture card hooked up via Dscaler to a Denon 2900. The PVR also recognised that and captured DVDs playing on the Denon quite happily via the SDI stream. So would be good for SDI equipped Sky+ boxes.
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    I've been using iuvcr to capture and then converting with Tmpgenc - gives good results.

    Prospect of cutting out the conversion step sounds promising - might give it a try if i find a spare couple of hours over the bank holiday.

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