Capturing DV files on PC


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Again I look to the future! but, when you capture a DV file from your cam to PC, is the audio track seperated?
ie. When editing, could I remove/replace certain video footage but have the soundtrack continuous from the original clip? (If this makes sense. I know what I mean!) If not, could I use something like my Sony miniDisc recorder MZ-G750 to capture sound, then load this seperately? And if I did, (assuming I brought a mic for it first!) would it be any good. Are there any other options that you could recomend?:lesson:


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DV files are .avi (audio video interleave) files. The video & audio are captured together but on seperate tracks.

When you load them to your video editing program the video & audio will appear on seperate tracks. You can then do (what I think you are asking) leave the audio exactly as it is but make cuts/changes to just the video & tie it in with your audio how you see fit.
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