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    When I'm capturing DV from my Sony TRV30 to hard disk the capture either won't start or stops within a minute or two. The camcorder always starts the playback and keeps playing although the capture has stopped. It happens with different capture software so is not caused by any one application. The Firewire connection controlling the camcorder seems to work ok, although it no longer pauses to allow the tape time to start up and I lose the first second or so of the capture. There are no apparent dropped frames.

    This only happens when the pc is cold. After its been running for an hour or more all is fine and the capture starts and continues without problems. It first started after I'd applied the 1.2 update patch to DVD Workshop, although I suspect that may be coincidental.

    This problem has only very recently started and I've already tried the following -
    Removing the capture software (Studio7 and DVD Workshop) and remaining Registry entries and reinstalling.
    Changing the PCI slot for the card
    Removing both the firewire and Sony device drivers and reinstalling.
    Rolling back my XP partition with a Ghost backup to a time when it was working ok, just to check whether it is a driver problem.

    I really don't know what to do next, short of replacing the firewire card and cable, but am reluctant to do this in view of the cost, particularly as there's no guarantee that it will cure the problem.

    My pc is based around an Athlon 1800+ and I'm running XP. I've got 4 ATA 100 hard drives, 2 DVD's, 1 CD as well as 4 PCI cards and an AGP graphics card. It's all housed in a AOpen case with a 300w power supply. The firewire card is the one supplied by Pinnacle with Studio 7.

    If anyone's got any ideas what could be causing the problem please let me know, as its driving me crazy trying to sort it out.

    Thanks in advance.


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