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Im wanting to buy a capture card for my PC (w2k) basically i want to be able to capture footage from videos and tv using a composite connector although it would be handy if there was a s-video input too

What would the best options be for this, firstly at around the 50-150 pound price range and then at the 200-300 pound range?

Do most cards come with capturing software or do you need to capture through Premiere?

Any help greatly appreicated.
Analogue video capture cards are normally proprietary and come with software. A good value card is Pinnacle Studio DC10+ which comes with Studio 7 software. You can buy this for about £125.

If you already have a Firewire port a better, but more expensive option, is the Canopus ADVC-100 external analogue to DV convertor. This gives the best possible quality conversion and allows any DV-type 2 editing application to be used. The sound is locked to the video. Normal capture cards capture video and sound seperately and can loose sync if video frames are dropped where the tape contains corrupt fields or frames. The ADVC-100 can input & output composite and S-video. Costs about £260.

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