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I don't know if this is the correct for to post it in, and if it's not, please move it thanks.

My question.

I am thinking of getting this:

Now, I have an XBOX w/ component out...where i can play in high-def.
I need to connect the high def xbox connection to my tv AND to the capture card, while having audio in the captured material and also connecting it to the computer.

Do I need a component splitter? cuz i know those cost a sh*tload or $....i have this: but there are 3 inputs and 1 I don't see how it can help...

Also, the capture card specs say that it has Component in/out...i doubt it, or if it does, how do i work w/ that when there's only 1 component connection (RGB)

A diagram would be greatly appreciated...

If this is not possible, please tell me so...that maybe i can capture in hd and play in composite + s-video? That would not be as good at ALL, but if the situation warrants it, then wtv...i'll put up and shut up...

If you are not sure of a solution, please say that, because I don't want to be stuck buying this and getting raped.....I hear ADS has bad tech yeah...

THX! and sorry for noobishness!!


Welcome to the forum :hiya:
Judging by the time of your post (01:34am GMT) and the fact that your links are to sites with prices in US$ I assume you are in the USA. Although this is not a problem, any help we give with links etc is likely to be to UK sites as most people on here are in the UK. I would therefore suggest you put your location into your profile so any advice can be tailored to your location and not assumed that you are in the UK! ;)

Oh well, on with the advice.
The unit you linked to does look very good and as you say has component inputs. It looks similar to the Canopus ADVC converters, but I'm not sure if they do one with component. It should be able to do what you want very well, but will eat up HDD space.
To play the component output to both a TV and PC for capture you will need to split the signal, but this can cause a large loss of quality so you need to find something similar to This, but as you say they do cost a fair bit (£50 equals approx $90) but if you do want full quality then AFAIK this is your only option. Although I've not used these converters I would assume there is a switch to change the ports from input to output, therefore only input will work during capture, so you wont be able to use the converter to connect to the TV at the same time.



Thx for the info about the location...i filled that up. I live in canada actually...

That's the EXACT type of device i are a God!...Is there any place in canada that sells this. Are there any online retailers located in the states or canada that won't have the shipping that this would? Are there any other devices similar to this one that are a little cheaper...I'm not oone to go nuts about the audio quality, but the video has to be there.

About the last part to your post, won't i be able to plug in my xbox component cable into the input and output it to the capture card and to the tv?...isn't that how this device works?

Anyways, other than those few quirks, you solved my problem and am VERY thankful for that.


because i don't know if it's available where i live...

Also, i don't want anything internal...i have no pci slots available.

so anyways, is there any amercan or canadian company that makes component splitters? I've been looking EVERYWHERE to find one and still can't

any help would be apppreciated.

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