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I picked up a R1 copy from Ebay the other day. Released on the Live label, this non anamorphic copy is approximately 2:35:1 (which is a result as the snapper case says 1:85:1)

A bare bones release with a only biographies, teaser trailer and theatrical trailer. It's still better that the UK R2 which is full screen.

Great Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack, but best of all is the excellent Helicopter and Bi-plane chase. Truly seat of the pants flying and streets ahead of the CGI cak we get bored with in contemporary movies.


One of my favourite films. I’m just waiting till they do it proud.
It was the first film I ever saw in stereo yet they never show it that way on TV.

I got the soundtrack album as well, one of Jerry’s best works:smashin:

A triple A movie:D


On a side note, I thought the final scene was absolutely hilarious :)

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