Canton Vento 830.2


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I'm thinking about upgrading to a stereo system, from my Kef KHT 3005 surround system. I am looking for some goodlooking standmounts, that also sounds good, without a subwoofer. I have the spotted the Canton Vento 830.2. I think they are some of the best looking speakers i that will fit my buget. And it seems like they should sound good to. The problem is, that i live very far from a dealer, where i can audition them, so i have to very sure that they are for me.
In the pricerange, that i can purchase them for, i can also get Xtz 99.25 MII, B&w c5. But how do you think they compare. I know that the Xtz actually soundwise compete more with the B&W 805 than the c5. Are the Cantons in another league.
Thanks and sorry for my poor english

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