Canton: Rear Speaker Question


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I'm considering canton speakers for my home cinema.

I've worked out the front half - CD50s for front and Centre all wall mounted.

For the sub, I shall probably go with the AS80.

What I'm not sure about is the rears - CD50 or CD10.

Budget isn't the issue, I'm more concerned about the positioning and whether this would have a negative effect on the 5.1 effect.

CD50 - these would have to be wall mounted at head height for looks and to be able to direct towards the listener. This would mean that they would be fairly close to the listener (say 6ft) and I am conerned that this would make rear effects directional rather than atmospheric.

CD10 - these would be wall mounted at ceiling height, angled down towards the listener. This would put it a little further away (say 7-8ft), but I'm assuming that being smaller, the rear effects will be less powerful.

What do you think? Would there be any significant difference or am I concerned over nothing?




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Bump, I'm interested in this too but was considering a 6.1 setup, what would be best to go in the middle at the rear? Another CD10, a CD20 or a CD50? Also with regards to Subs, how good is the AS80 or AS100 compared with an SVS PB10?


I have 50's across the front , and 10's at the back . Sounds great to me :cool: .
The one word of warning I have , is that there is no way to angle the mounts , without some creative DIY . The supplied mounts cater for straight up or across , nowhere in between.I used longer screws on the rears , allowing them to droop downwards .
I'm always on the lookout for something I can use as a wedge though , I feel they need to point down a bit further



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FWIW - I have CD100 and CD50 at the front. CD10 at the sides, the CD20 at the back, the sub from the CD1 package - as well as a spare pair of CD10 in the basement!
Unless you like to blow the windows out you won't lack power in the CD10 as rear effects speakers. I've not tried multichannel audio but that might require something with a bit more beef than the CD10 - dunno as I've not done it myself.

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