Canton query - panel beating


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Due to an unfortunate accident my cd100 speaker that sat at the left of my tv was toppled by daughter number 2 onto the head of daughter number 1.
(this was after it had been pushed over, fell behind the tv and took a nice big chunk out of my bk sub, excellent.To be fair they dont take much to topple as the base is on the small side if they are sitting on a carpet.)

This resulted in my eldest being left with a bump and the canton grill being bashed, will try and post a picture.
So...the query is has anyone managed to remove their grill to fix a similar problem, or am i to venture into no mans land.

Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:


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If you wade through the long canton power buy thread there was someone that removed a CD50 or CD10 grill without much success from what i remember. Looking at my CD50's it don't look simple. Mind you from the weight of Cantons speakers i hope your daughters heads ok.

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