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Oct 6, 2004
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Horsham, West Sussex
I'm on the verge of buying a Kef KHT5005 speaker set, but don't want to rule out Canton just yet.

My Canton set would be

Fronts - CD50
Centre - CD50
Rears - CD10
Sub - AS80 or another make

They would be in black.

Looks like I can organise an audition but only of the silver ones.

I need pictures of black Cantons, especially wall mounted CD50s. Can anyone help?

I'm looking for reasonably sized pictures with good detail. I've done the usual google images search so after more original stuff.


Check out the forum power buy here

Jake James is the man, you could pm him?
Thanks jaymz.

I have already been speaking to Jake quite a lot. He does not have any black Cantons although he might be able to demo some CD50s in stereo mode.

Looking very much like it will be the Kef 5005s - both the wife and I have seen and heard them. We were impressed by them - I'm not syaing the Cantons wouldn't be better (they are on paper) it's just that they are an unknown quantity - virtually impossible to see or hear them.


Check out the website and you can see the Canton range or order a brochure....
Hope to order my set-up from JJ, next week!
The website is the first place I looked. Pictures are very limited and small, especially for the black versions.

The catalogue also concentrates on the silver models.

The lack of pictures of the black versions and the fact that the new models are not available in black at all concerns me - does this mean they look poor in black.

At the beginning of this year there were a lot of posts saying how cool the black versions looked but it has now gone very quiet on the subject.


If you hang on to the weekend I'll be able to post some pics of exactly that setup (still stripping wallpaper after work before mounting and chasing :rolleyes: ). The speakers do look very cool, albeit it in the boxes. Very solid as well. Interesting to note that you say that they look better than the Kef 5005's on paper - what makes you think this (just curious really, as I always was after the 5005's before going for the Cantons for a 7.1 setup)


Interesting to note that you say that they look better than the Kef 5005's on paper

I'm no expert but I was basing my statement on

Kef - 2x 75mm LF driver + 1x combined 75mm LF and 15mm Tweeter
CD50 - 4x 75mm LF driver and 1x 15 mm driver
Canton has more drivers so should be able to move more air

Kef - 100Hz to 30KHz
Canton - 60Hz to 25KHz
Canton has better bass performance, sub doesn't have to work as hard

I'd appreciate seeing your pictures.

I visited Jake James today and saw/heard a pair of CD50s, albeit in silver. I must admit they looked very good and delivered a good music performance in stereo.

When I heard the Kefs, I was shown an action scene from the Invincibles film with the sound cranked up. They sounded impressive but now I think back i'm not sure whether there was detail there or whether my senses were just bombarded with noise. I may revisit and ask to listen to some music.



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