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Hi All,

I'm in the process of building an extension to my house and within in this extension I'm putting in a cinema/entertainment area with either a plasma wall or projector, still havn't decided. I'm looking for a new speaker package and was thinking of the Canton CD100 for the front with a CD50 centre. I'm going to buy these for the minute then a new sub and in-ceilings for the rears and kitchen area when the extension is nearly finished. The kitchen speakers will be run off the B-channel on my existing Yamaha HTR-5640RDS amp, which will be upgraded in time to a newer Yamaha with HDMI switching.

Question is for my size of room 6.5m x 3.5m would I be better off with fullsize floorstanders, Cantons or something like these:-

Or does anybody have any better suggestions, I want to try and buy the front 3 speakers for about £500 max, that then leaves me a bit for the in-ceilings and a new sub



Sorry meant to say, i'm from N.Ireland so listening to new speakers can be very restricted as there are very few hi-fi dealers over here.


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A bit undecided. To be honest would probably prefer lifestyle speakers because the whole extension is going to be very modern, red and grey german kitchen etc so they would probably fit in better with the decor.
On the other hand normal floorstanders will def give me a much better performance but I think they would look out of place. I was orginally going to go for inwall for the fronts but then realised that if I wanted to upgrade later I'm stuck with the holes in the wall, so I thought the Cantons would be a halfway house.
By the way the system will used for 60% SAT/DVD and 40% Music as I'm going to scrap my old Marantz HI-FI System in favour of a dedicated music pc.

I do have a drawing of the extension on the last page of the Canton Powerbuy thread, it won't let me attach the drawing to this thread as well


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Had a look at the Karat range, gorgeous looking speakers, but I thought they would be way out of my price range. I must admit i'm liking the idea of Cantons, everybody seems to give them a very good review. I'll have to check with the powerbuy to see how much it would be for them and the matching centre.
They have much bigger drivers than the CD100's so I would have thought they would sound much better for music, always think sat speakers lack the midrange for music and the sub never seems to integrate that well, could just be the fact that I have the crappy Yamaha NSP speakers that I got with the system.

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