Canton Movie 65 CX wall brackets


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Hi all, long time reader, first time poster, and my first post is a slightly embarrassing one.

I have just picked up the aforementioned speaker package, but for the life of me I can't see how the satellite speakers fit onto the supplied wall brackets.

There is a smooth bore hole on the bottom of each speaker, with no threads. The bracket has a fitted screw and a sort of cap on it which I assume is supposed to expand as you tighten the screw in order to secure the speaker. Thing is, the screw/cap are too small for the hole on the speakers, no matter what.

There were also some rubber plugs supplied, but if you put these in the holes on the underside of the speakers, the screw/cap arrangement of the bracket does not fit (I'm guessing that the rubber bits are for the speaker stands that you can buy separately).

Anyone else have any experience with these speakers, or am I just being a complete muppet? There is nothing on the Canton website, the supplied instructions are next to useless and the Canton info email is not replying to me. Help!


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No one has any experience with the CX range from Canton (60, 65, 80, 85)?


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No one has any experience with the CX range from Canton (60, 65, 80, 85)?

I posted this in the other thread you asked in but just in case you've missed it

I have the Canton 80's and thought the same when I first tried to mount them - it was driving me nuts until I found how to tighten my set by accident.

The solution I found was to unscrew the plastic mounting nut so that it was just holding on the screw thread, turn the satellite over so the mounting hole is facing downwards and then push the fixing into the hole as far as it will go by pushing the metal bolt until it was flush with the underside of the wall mounting bracket and the bracket is touching the bottom of the speaker and then tighten the screw up.

The secret seem to be in making sure the plastic fixing nut goes as far into the satellite as is possible.

If you can't mount the speaker on the bracket before fastening it to the wall then just try to get the plastic nut into the speaker mounting hole as far as possible before tightening it up by making sure it's as unscrewed as possible and pushing it in via the end of the bolt.
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