Canton DM75 un-impressed with TV performance


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Hi all

I have a Sony 8305 49" as a second TV and wanted a slightly better sound experience and also bluetooth music streaming from iphone/ipad

So I purchased a DM75, in the shop the music streaming via bluetooth was amazing !!

Get the system home and TV via the optical cable is mehhhhh not that great

I tested it with netflix, DD5.1, Live TV BBC 1 HD, video streamed via my NAS, the sound just wasn't wow.

If you fire the volume up to 75 plus, it sounds better, good bass and mid range but its blowing the windows out. At normal sound levels you just don't get the sound range and the bass just isn't there.

I've messed around with the TV sound, told the TV to use external audio system, changed the audio on the films from DD5.1 to 2.0, still no real difference

With my other 5.1 AV amp and SUB I can have it at normal volume levels and still hear good range of sounds and bass, I know a sound bar isn't going to be as good as 5.1 speaker and AV amp but the reviews of the DM75 suggest it can.

Is this the DM75 at fault or the down mixing of the audio from the TV or content ?


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I found one of these in the sale today and bought it for £150 on a bit of a whim as I have been wanting to downsize from having surround. Sound speakers.

To me it sounds great except for occasionally the odd sound is slightly tinny? Other than that it's been great.

Did you change any settings on your tv? And did you change the EQ in the DM to the relevant setting as per where it's placed?


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The way the volume set up on the Canton is means you have to push it relatively high to get a good enjoyable listen, on my DM50 anything between 57 and 63 would qualify as a comfortable listen without going into movie loud territory. When I played blu rays I would normally have it at between 65 and 70 which was perfect (for videos with weaker audio I would have to go higher sometimes) although I did have a smaller room but i'm not sure what more you want in terms of bass performance, for music I always enjoyed the bass but it was with movies I felt something was missing.


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the canton is best at the level 70 for movies and 60 for tv but you must make sure the voice setting is on and the other sound levels are set at the correct level. this normally will be the default setting of 0 for the base and treble setting

the sound on all the models is immaculate the sound-base has nothing to do with the picture quality
all equipment plugs via HDMI into your tv and then from your tv's optical out to the cantons optical in

also note this is not a AV Sound-base but a high quality speaker base that gives ample quality sound from music from sopitify etc and great sound depth for non dolby HD movies

you must make sure however if playing dolby HD movies you set your blue-ray player to pcm output and not bit-stream
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