Canton CD300 vs Monitor Audio Radius 270?


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Has anyone had the chance to compare the two side by side?

I've heard the Radius 270 - very impressive.

On paper, the Canton should be better (eg they go as low as 30hz vs the Radius 270 @50hz) ...but I won't be listening to Paper CDs!

Just bought some Elac pipes (which I gather are quite close to the Canton CD100 in looks/size)....I'm very, *very* impressed but they look a bit dwarfed by my Plasma (plus, on reflection I think I'd rather not have to rely on my sub to fill *so* much of the bottom end)...hence me wondering about the CD300s....which are a good bit larger & go that fair bit deeper.

Grateful for your thoughts.


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I have a pair of the CD300's - have had them for about six months...Been very impressed with them so far, very deep and full range, but still sounding dynamic and open.

I have run them with my Pioneer VSX-1016 in stereo mode and also with my Naim setup and they sound good with each amp...

Only real observation is that they don't like being in too tight against a wall or in a corner as they can get a bit boomy...
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