Cantilever umbrella moving around in the wind


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My parents have bought one of these

The isssue they have is the the first light breeze the whole umbrella moves round wiping out everyone around it

I’ve tried looking for some sort of brace that will attach the umbrella to the pole like the red line I’ve drawn on the photo

Anyone got any ideas now we could fashion one of somewhere that sells something similar. The way I see it it needs to be extendable pole with sone sort of jubilee clip at each end 🤷‍♂️


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Anchored mine to the house. Not the greatest but it works


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The isssue they have is the the first light breeze the whole umbrella moves round wiping out everyone around it
According to the product page it's 2.62m tall. Allowing the 62cm for the arm & canopy there should still be plenty of clearance for anyone under the category of "giant"! Are you sure it's been assembled correctly?


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I have one (not the same) and it does sway somewhat when it’s windy but it’s supposed to. I’ve seen people bungee them but I tend to fold mine down when the wind picks up


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This was mine this morning, it often flaps around like that when it’s windy. I ended up folding it down as it was a little too extreme.



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Doesn't look fit for purpose unless it was really windy.


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I have to say that it must be accepted that these things are only meant to be erected and open with zero to low wind.
The fundamental design of them, whilst nice for the lack of a centre pole in the way, does add to it's lack of stability.
I guess, in the right location, you could run fine (strong fishing line?) guide-wires from each corner to a solid object which would then not allow it to move.
Otherwise as has been said, if the weather forecast says wind, then fold it down.

On the other hand:
Place hand into pocket and pull out some real cash and buy something far better built, such as:

Between £2000 - £2500 depending on options/finishes





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We have one of these that appears to be no longer available

It's brilliant as easy to operate and has a solid pin that you use to prevent the whole thing swinging.

Yes the canopy will sway in the wind, but not much, there has to be some give else it will rip apart


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Doris came home with one once, said it should go up by the house on the patio to give some shade.

She loves the sun and hates the shade.

The house back garden is north facing so the patio by the house is in the shade until the sun is about to go down...

So she could use it in the sun to give her shade she doesn't want or put it up on the patio she doesn't use because it's in the shade....

It has never been set up...

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