Can't upload images back into Casio once downloaded to PC



Hi folks,

Forgive my newbiness but I have searched google for ages and cannot find an answer. Once I download an image from my Casio Exilim Z-55 using 'Photoloader' that came with the camera I am unable to reload the images into the camera. Nor can I load an image from an e-mail somebody sent me so that I can show the image to others in my camera.

I have tried simply dropping and dragging the image file onto the SD card in my laptops card reader but when I display the images in camera the new additions aren't displayed, despite being there when I pop the card back in to the laptop to check.

Any ideas folks?

Many thanks.



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You need to replicate the file structure the camera is expecting to see. Take a couple of pics & then look at the card in the card reader. You will find a folder called DCIM & maybe a subfolder below that. Copy the images you wish to view there.

If may be that when your software downloads images it deletes these folders.


Okay thank you. I'll give that a try and report back.

Cheers Crocodile.
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