Can't update my iPod! HELP needed please!


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I'm having a bit of problem with my ipod when connecting it upto my laptop!

I'm running up-to-date software, and my laptop is Windows XP!

My problem is, when it's syncing, it looks to be doing fine, and then it suddenly just stops on a random song and i get the error message:

"An unknown error has occured (-67)"

I first thought it stopped because there was a corrupted song, but I've tried it several times and it stops on a different song everytime.

Im wondering whether my iPod is faulty??



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please! I'm gonna be asking for an 80GB ipod if i cant get it to work this week!

Any help would be much appreciated!


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OK, mine is but I'm guessing that is what you have too.

Have you tried all the usual suspects? different cable, re-install of iTunes. Was it working and suddenly stopped or has it never been?

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