Can't stream video anymore :( Help appreciated

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Batch, Dec 23, 2006.

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    I have two wireless bridges one in my bedroom, one in my lounge. For the past year i have has my 360 connected the the bridge in my bedrooom and video streaming has been easy and fine. Yesterday i decided to take my 360 downstairs and connect it to my other wireless bridge to use on a bigger screen. From here i was not able the stream video and it kept freezing. I figured this one due to me being quite far form the router, but today i took my 360 back upstairs to find i can not stram video from here either. it comes up with the list of videos available to stream but when i click play, it takes about 10 seconds to start (compared to the almost instant start before hand) and once it has started the video will then freeze part way in (at different time for different videos) but usually within first 15 seconds. Occasionally once it has frozen and i bring up the blade, i hve been disconnected form live :(

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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