Can't stop Denon 3802 outputting sub signal?

The Hemulen

I'm sure it didn't do this before but for some reason my 3802 seems to output signal on the sub out no matter what the settings.
Basically I want it only to output LFE signals from DVD's as I have large speakers all round.
For instance listening to CD via analogue inputs in Direct mode there is still (up to 80Hz I guess) output sent to the sub.
I've done the obvious things, set all speakers to large. Subwoofer 'yes' and then 80Hz X-over and finally LFE only.
Now if I'd chosen the other option LFE and Main then I'd expect sub signals but not like I have it.
Am I missing something here? As it stands everything is boomy as the main speakers roll off near 30Hz and so the 30 to 80Hz range is doubled up :(


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If you don't want the sub on during music switch it off:)
Alternatively lower the subs settings to off on the channel setting for the source you are using for cd.


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Can't answer for the 3802 but my 3803 sends bass to the Sub in all modes including 2 channell modes even when the fl and fr are set to large. It does seem strange that the Denon oututs any bass below the cross over setting to the Sub no matter what the speakers are set at. I have the sub set at LFE only, I took the LFE+main setting to mean that any signal sent to the sub would also be sent to the Large fronts, bass sounds too muddy on my setup with this setting.

Don't find the output to the sub too much of an issue because I can turn the sub off in different modes.

I have the sub at 0db in Dolby/DTS, -3db in stereo and off in Direct and Pure Direct.


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