Can't sign into PSN Error code WS-37400-4


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HELP!!! anyone?!?!
I've been getting this error on my PS4 for the last three days and I have absolutely no idea what it means (not on the Playstation codes list) I also can not sign into the PS App on any device it was giving an error C-80032715 now I get something different { "reason" : "", "status" : "406" }. When I'm on 4G the app opens fine but as soon as I connect back to my wi-fi I get the same error.
I have been in touch with my ISP and tested speed and it is fine. I spoken to PS Support on twitter who eventually said about opening ports up on the router, which I haven't done yet.
Also when I log into the Playstation website the browser (I've used three different ones) refreshes almost straight away and it has signed me out........

Has anyone got any ideas? My logical part of my brain is saying that there is an issue with our broadband but nothing has changed on it and it was working fine on Monday.

I did manage to come across a couple of threads on reddit saying pretty much the exact same thing I have been experiencing, again no real definitive answer.......

Thanks for reading....


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I had problems out of the blue with my sons PlayStation, he was online but wasn’t showing as and couldn’t join party’s etc even though the connection was fine and his account worked fine on two different PlayStation’s in our house as soon as we signed in with his account it worked as normal so we knew it was the PlayStation.
You could try starting in safe mode and choosing option 5 to rebuild the database and see if that kick starts it.
What I had to do was start up in safe mode and choose option 4 to reset to default settings (doesn’t delete games or saved data) and when I was in to the main menu I had to sign out of his psn account and then sign back in and it’s been fine ever since.
Sorry I can’t remember what error code I kept getting

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