Can't seem to upgrade firmware on my Denon 1920

I'm following instructions but every time I put the disc in, no matter if it's a cheap no name CD-R or a "brand" I get a disc error on the firmware screen on the player. It must have something to do with the actual burning of the file but I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

I put the CD-R in my PC player
I drag the firware file into window (DVD/CD-RW Drive)
I am promted to write files so I do
The process takes about 30 minutes and ejects the disc
Process complete

Any ideas whythe above is not working??


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I don't know if this will help or not, but I recently updated the firmware in my Panasonic S97 - downloaded the file from the net, unzipped it and then burned it to CD-R using Nero, rather than just dragging like you did - don't know if this would help, also don't know if you have Nero but, if you do, it has to be worth a try.

Best of luck,



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Rather than dragging the file into the window, in Nero goto "Recorder" and select burn image then select the firmware file (I'm guessing it's a .iso format). This should sort things.
I think I am being thick but I can't seem to work this out. When I burn the file (in Nero), it takes literally a couple of seconds and then asks me to save the image file somewhere. What do I do with this? I've saved on my desktop and left it. I've checked my CD-R and there's nothing on it......... More help for a PC novice please! :suicide:


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Ok, try it this way, right click on the firmware file and got to "open with", select "Choose Program", Scroll down and find and select nero burning rom, this should open Nero, now all you have to do is insert a blank cd and click burn. The actual file isn't very big so it should only take a couple of seconds.
It didn't open it, iNero just cam up with "unexpected file format" :confused:

I am making very hard work of this :(


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Ok, the firmware file I have is called Denon1920Firmware.iso and is 4.35MB, is this the same as yours?


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Can't understand why this is happening, hopefully someone else has an idea...


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Hi Tee,

Do you have Nero starting in wizzard mode? If so, cancel it. Click on 'recorder' in the menu bar and in the drop down menu select 'burn image'. A file requester will open. Browse to your .iso image, select it and burn it. See if that works.

Should an img. be created after? It asks me to save one after......

Also there is no "recorder" there is a "CD recorder"


I think he's burning the zip file on cd instead of the image file



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an iso is a disk image file - not an update file. an iso is a lot like a zip file that you use other software (nero) to open and burn the information cantained to a disk - when you open nero choose to burn an 'image' rather than burning a file.


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tee said:
Maybe someone could send me the CD? ;) :lease:
Did you download this file from the web?

If so, give me the URL and I'll download it and try burning it to CD for you.

BTW, you say you live "close by" - could you be a bit more specific?




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i might be totally off but i read about some probs somewhere and it was resolved by changing the media (as to DVD-R or -RW)?!? could it be you need a dvd for the firmware update to work? just thinking one step ahead Tom. ;)
Well I downloaded Nero 6 and the whole situation changed completley. I burnt the .img file in seconds and upgraded the firmware on the player in 5 minutes. What waste of time using an old version of Nero was!! :eek:

Anywa, thanks for all the imput :smashin:

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