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Hi to the forum.

Ive had a Humax Freesat HD for some time now and I am still unable to view recorded programs.

The user guide that comes with it is pants, really bad. All I wish to do is watch a program that I record on one channel whilst watching another channel.

Here is an example. I see a program later that day that I would like to record, I follow the guide lines by selecting it, the iccon shows on the unit. It shows that its starting and recording but when I return after the program has finish, its vanished. Where has it gone

Please help

Please help


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The Foxsat HD is a single tuner box that cannot record so I'll assume you mean the Foxsat HDR.

Recordings should appear when you press the Media button on the remote, is that what your doing?


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Im not sure. I will have to re check it.

Could you talk though the set up of recording a program please and I will test it. Thanks for your help


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Either press the guide button (or use the quicker option press the remote schedule button and then red).

Locate a programme in the epg and press OK. If you only see watch options either you have a faulty hdr or only a Foxsat-HD). Elect to record either the whole series or a one off - in some cases a HD alternative will offered.).

Recordings on a Foxsat-hdr are accessed by the Media button.

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