Can't receive BBC 1, BBC2 and Channel 4 On Sky Q box.


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Hi Everyone, I know this is not a new problem and I have found many old threads but as things are constantly changing I thought it best to start a new post. The problem is I can't receive BBC 1, BBC 2 and Channel 4 through my clients sky box. The sky box says there is a technical fault when the channel is selected all other channels work fine.
I'm an electrician by trade and it is a new installation carried out by a professional company. Please see details below
The property is in west London Kensington.
It is a new sky installation with a sky Q box.
The dish is new.
Cabling is all new
I have checked all the connections.
And I have also checked the signal using a basic analogue single tester and signal appears to be strong with the dish set up correctly.
I have spoken to the company that installed the dish and I've yet to get a meaning full resolution. I like to understand more so that I can trouble shoot problems when they occur so any assistance would be nice.


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You obviously are not telling us everything, as you said the installation had been carried out by professional installers I thought you meant that you had got Sky installers in to do the job - they dont normally charge.

Now if you are doing it yourself its a different story,




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If Sky has been installed with a subscription then all included channels should be available to watch. If any aren’t then you need to phone Sky to get them to check and if needed they will get the Sky engineer back to check everything. I’d be surprised if anyone on here was able to offer any different advice. The channels you mention that the issue is with would be included on the most basic Sky Signature subscription, these aren’t special channels that would cost extra.


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It could be that the owner is moving, employed a sparks to do some work, and the sparks said he could setup the dish and cabling?

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