Can't reach my WAP/Modem through intranet (Windows 11 / Arris Surfboard) becomes new Arris SBG6950AC2


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I used to be able to quickly reboot my cable modem remotely through our intranet by just logging into it from my browser, but since installing Win11 I get this: uses an unsupported protocol.

Unsupported protocol
The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

I know it can sort of 'see' the modem, or I wouldn't get the login.asp, but so far I can't actually access it.
The only anti-virus or firewall I'm running is the integral Windows Defender & yes I tried turning off all three firewalls.

Same result from Google-Chrome or M$-Edge, or from Chrome on my Android phone.
On Safari from an iPad it will allow me to connect, but only after a TSL certificate warning.

I'm not sure how to resolve this so the certificate is up to date.


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Sounds like the server on the modem is rather out of date so updating it's software, if available, would be the way to go.


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If I recall correctly, I'm unable to update the firmware on my own. I have to allow the internet service provider to push it through.
Maybe it's time to buy a new one. Every time my internet goes on the fritz they blame it on my modem.
I will dig around in the iPad screen to see if I can update myself.


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I bought the modem/wap outright, they likely will not help me with that unless I was renting it from them for $10/month.

This is why they claim my modem is the issue every time there's a problem, trying to get me to rent from them.

Last night I tried fiddling around with the allowances for that address & still no luck.
Tried turning off the automatic proxy detection, no help.

I'm not sure why there's no menu option for updating the firmware.
I vaguely recall finding this problem earlier & found out only the ISP can push the new f/w.

I just tried the FireFox browser, same problem, even after adjusting the settings to allow older forms of TLS.

On the Arris site there is no new firmware, I guess it's too old:

Maybe it's time to buy a new one, but I will contact my ISP & Arris/Motorola first.
If I bought a new WAP, I'd probably need to buy a new printer, as well. (wireless)

I did it with FireFox, there's an option to open the page anyway, even if the TLS doesn't verify!



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Well, thanks for the help folks.
I sat here being obsessive-compulsive for the better part of the morning & then rushed out to buy a new modem/router when I found there was one available nearby:


The one on the top left is what I'm using, which you can see is NOT supported by my ISP.
So I grabbed the bottom right (SBG6950AC2), which is nearly twice as capable as my old one.

Ah well, the old one paid for itself, I used it about 6 years & only paid about $111 USD for it.
If I had rented their modem, I'd have spent about $700 during that time!

Nearly went for the DocSis 3.1 modem, but it's more than twice the price & a little bit overkill.


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I pondered getting the Motorola MG7550 instead of the Arris, but now I'm glad I got the Arris.
I had no idea what the USB port was for, but it turns out it's a Media port. So I can plug in a thumb drive or even a full-size hard drive & access the files right through the hardwired ethernet.

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