Can't re-record on computer-blanked DVDs in my recorder



I found once I've blanked a DVD RW disc in a computer I can't ever use it to record on in my DVD recorder. I used Nero to blank and my recorder's an Audiosonic KMOT-DRW87 (can't even find info on it on the web). Is this normal for this make & model? And how about others?

Thanx ahead!


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The only way to be 100% is to use your DVD recorder to wipe the disc.


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Well to answer one of your questions, No it is not normal for all recorders. I have a Panny EX85 and always format my DVD +RW disks using Nero before I record to them using the panny.


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Did you format with Nero Burning Rom or Nero InCD ?

InCD makes it read/write like a hard disk for drag and dropping and the file system may not be supported on your DVD-Recorder. (UDF)

Use Nero BR.

Iso settings:
Mode1, Iso 9960+ 8char limit, untick all boxes should make it compatible.

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