cant print photos at 7 x 5. HELP


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i have a 1gb xd card in a fuji z1 and yesterday i went to the photo printing shop and put my card in the machine hoping to print holiday snaps at 7 x 5. After putting the card in the machine the only size that came up was 6 x 4.

I am no expert so excuse my ignorance but there was 160 pictures on the camera. Does this mean that when a picture is scaled up to 7 x 5, the memory card has to use more data and because of this, my card couldnt cope with all the pictures and so only allowing me to print 6x4.


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This is more likely to do with the machine recognising the format of your pictures and suggesting the correct size to print, 7x5 is a different ratio to 6x4 so maybe it would be a better idea to upload them to Photobox and scale them to the size you want to print, not what a machine is telling you to print them at.


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another thing i forgot to mention is that i also wanted to make a cd up of the pics on the card but when the card was entered, the machine couldnt find any pictures in the directory.


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Can I ask what camera you are uploading your pictures from?

I know some kiosks work out a dpi value, and if it drops below 150dpi for example, then the format will disappear?

Just a thought, of course :)

If you're wanting something printing larger, then you can upscale (using software such as genuine fractals) with super results.




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Edit: Just re-read, you're using a Z1? Is this a 5.1MP camera?

You should be getting images with a resolution of 2,592 x 1,944 pixels at the highest setting.

8" x 6" should be easily achievable at 300dpi, therefore it shouldn't be a problem :)

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