cant phone 12 didgit numbers


just got my new motorola v22 when i try to phone or text my mates or my dads mobile, i get message incorrect no dialed.ive noticed there mobile numbers have 12 numbers ,if i phone my other mates mobile which has 11 numbers i connect, any one no whats wrong.

Greg Hook

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surely that's an error then. Thought mobile numbers were all 11 digits??


i coppied dads no from my old mobile and it has 12 numbers, he cant phone me i cant phone him ,same with some others


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are you sure you havent messed up by not putting a "+" symbol in front of numbers that begin with 44

ie: 01234 567890 would become +44 1234 567890

thats the only reason i can see why there would ever be 12 digits!


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Nah, all numbers are 10 digits...11 If you count the zero, but generally people should always store their numbers with the country code preceded by the + and omit the zero, that way your phone works everywhere for certain....

A 12 or 11 digit phone number does not exist period....

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