Can't pause/rewind/record Olympics.


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Sky have made a whole big deal over their '24 new HD channels' for the olympics yet i can't even get all the full features of Sky+! :mad:.

What is going on? I have tried all the obvious but still can't record any of the extra channels- I can only record 143/169/101, etc.

Is this because of Sky/Murdoch/BBC :censored: rights issues, or was it a decision from the stupid IOC jobsworths?

Disappointed. What if it's the heat of the moment and you're interrupted? You think that Sky+ would help, but for some dumb and strange reason, the brainless jobsworths at Sky/BBC/IOC have decided not to let you rewind, pause or record! And this is where you need those functions most!


EDIT: Forgot to post the error- it says something along the lines of 'Record is not availiable through interactive application, press SKY to exit".

Pressing sky takes me out of the sport and back to 143?!
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Ah, just read BBC's website and in the small print it says

* If you have a Sky HD subscription then you will receive the BBC's Olympics HD channels at positions 450-473
Now they tell me. Why didn't they make this clearer instead of making people use the crippled 'interactive' thing?



It would never have occurred to me to use anything other than the channels as they're listed on the EPG.
On the other hand it never occurs to me to watch any of the channels at all.:D
Do people really use the red button??
Yes - the "mini EPG" by sport on that option makes it a lot easier to find a particular sport than trawling through the whole 24 channels on the full EPG. It takes you straight to the correct video stream and will return straight back to the mini guide when you press backup after watching a programme. Obviously no good for recording or if you want to use "live pause" etc but far easier navigation for straight viewing.

It is also the only way to view the channels for those who do not have the channels on their EPG (due to regionalisation and rights issues) such as ROI subscribers or those without a viewing card.
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robodan said:
Do people really use the red button??
I've only just realised that the "red" button Olympic channels are also HD. I just assumed they would be SD as per the normal "red" button.
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