Can't open NAT no matter what?


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Oct 3, 2009
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I am struggling to change my network's NAT setting to open. It is currently set at moderate. (Yes, this is for Xbox Live.) I have followed the Xbox's suggestions and have tried to following procedures to open my NAT: A Possible Way to Open your NAT Type (Linksys) - Tutorial Ninjas and Problems with your NAT on Xbox Live? Change it! | Tutorial Ninjas Niether of these have changed my setting. I saved the settings and reset the router after each adjustment. At this point I don't know what I need to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? It is a Linksys router btw.
look for the dmz (de-militarized zone) setting in your routers setup page and simply enter the ip address of your xbox. Incidently how do you connect the xbox to the router?
Yes, actually I have done this and it has had no effect.
Forget to mention that the Xbox is using a network cable for connection. I was just playing around and deceided to bypass the router and plug the Xbox directly into the modem. It passed the Xbox Live test with an open NAT. I don't know if this is useful information to you or not. I would just do this, but my roommate is using the wireless a lot with his laptop.
That works because by connecting direct to your modem, you have completely bypassed the NAT process in your router. Hence, XBOX would not encounter any NAT problems because it is no longer behind the NAT processor in your router.

That's one way o fix this problem, but it's a bit of a pain because A) nothing else on your network can connect to the Internet and B) you have to plug/unplug every time you want to play/not-play.

Exactly what make model router do you have...?

If your router supports uPNP, check that that is enabled (when everything plugged in behind it of course.)
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mate what exactly is your setup? by the sounds of it you have a modem which then plugs into a wireless router? who provides your internet? Near enough all wireless routers have built in modems these days so there is no need for a seperate modem.

things we need to get this sorted:
Make and model of wireless router.

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