Can't login to LG account on 55' LG OLED C16LA


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I recently bought an LG OLED C16LA (so a C1 basically) and it's an amazing tv, very very happy with my purchase.

But there is one little problem. As it is my first LG TV I created an LG account via the browser on my phone. Everything was fine, I could login on phone and PC, registered my TV, no problem. Until I wanted to login on my tv. There it kept saying that my email adress or password was wrong. And yes, I am 100 percent posotive the the credentials were right. When I tried to have my password reset from my tv it said that they didn't have an account for that email address... I also tried the other login methods on the tv, the ThinQ app and de url where I had to input the code. Same problem in both cases, they didn't know of the existence of my account.

I contacted official LG support and they got back to me saying that I had to sign up for a new LG account from my tv with another email address for me to be able to sign in on my tv.

But that's hard to believe? That would mean there are secretly 2 types of LG accounts, both called LG Account, but one is for pc and mobile and the other is for tv? But you can perfectly register your tv on the kind of account you cannot use on the tv?

Can someone confirm or deny this and if it is true explain the logic to me? Because I don't get it at all...

Any further tips?

Thanks in advance


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Update: I have created an account via my tv with the same email address: worked without any issue. And now I can login on my tv and in the thinQ-app.

So I guess I am all set. But the reason why this has to be such a confusing process remains a mystery to me.

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