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Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by danrich1, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, hoping for more insight than i've been able to muster!

    Looong story, but changed my Apple ID email and amazingly put a typo in the email address. As i knew the password was able to login (via appleid site) and rectify.

    Cannot for the life of me login to itunes store on MBP now though. Have managed to get iphone connected - so know id/password is correct (all my itunes match stuff is there on phone, so looks good)

    Been mailing itunes support who have been quite good, and they think it's now connected to keychain access (which sounds plausible).

    Questions are; what kind of thing am i looking for in keychain access - am guessing appleid related stuff (which seem ok) and do these items need access to itunes via the Access Control tab, cos they just seem to have Chrome (which is browser I used to reset id/password so seems logical enough.

    I even checked apple id in sys prefs/users and groups which is ok now (was wrong) and have repaired disk permissions and even reinstalled itunes.

    Are there some prefs I can delete from /library ?


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