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Can't Install itunes on work PC, pls HELP!!



When I tried to install itunes on work pc, an error showed up saying "no authorization to install Bonjour service" and stopped the installation.

Does anyone know how I could unblock or bypass this authorization setting imposed by my internal IT department?

Thanks a lot in advance!!


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If they've done their job right, then you can't bypass it.


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If you did manage to bypass it, you probably would be subject to displinary action if ever found out.


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Sorry to sound negative, but this kind of thing infuriates me. I work in IT support.
You kind of summed it up in your first few words. 'Work PC'. That's exactly what it is. A PC supplied and paid for by your company to do your job on.
I remember when Google Earth came out and the problems it caused for a lot of our users.

Apologies for the rant, but I hope you get the idea.



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I bet you never visit a single non work related website on your work PC either :)

I'm a director of a small business (30ish employees), and I think giving people a *bit* of freedom creates a much better working environment.

It also weeds out bad apples as well as it's those bad apples who will abuse being given freedom!

I can't see what real harm can be done with iTunes although I can see how bonjour could cause problems on a corporate LAN.



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Never mate ;)
Agree with pretty much all of what you have to say.
We try to accomodate users request for new software or new systems, but they have to be tested.
As a point of interest. Where I work, a user installing iTunes on their PC would also install Quicktime. This conflicts with the version of Quicktime on their corporate desktop and stops both versions of Quicktime and iTunes working.

I'm basically saying, if you need something, ask IT to help.

As for the original post. It's clearly not work related.


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