Can't get TV to connect to HDMI devices (are cables the culprint?)


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Recently moved into a new place that has HDMI box above the fireplace and HDMI box near the console (image below) and cannot get the TV to properly detect the HDMI devices, such as my Apple TV and eArc compatible sound bar.


I'm not sure what HDMI cable connects these two boxes behind the wall, but I have to assume its just a 2.0, possibly even older.

The HDMI cables I'm using to connect from the TV to these boxes, and boxes to devices are the 2.1 cables. Is this the reason why I cannot get the TV to connect properly to my HDMI devices?

So to make things a bit more clear, the way the cables are connected are HDTV -> Hdmi 2.1 cable -> Hdmi 2.0 (or older) cable -> Hdmi 2.1 cable -> Apple TV / SoundBar

The TV shows HDMI1 connected to AppleTV, but when I switch to that input, it says check device connection / does not seem to have power.

Please let me know how I should go about troubleshooting this, pretty much at a loss currently to fix!


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Hi and welcome

Assuming the devices connect ok with the in-wall removed then I think you’ve found the problem. Whether that’s the face plates or in-wall cables. The only thing I’d add is take the faceplates off and check internal connections. Whilst there you’ll be able to see how the cables have been fed through the wall and if there’s any hope of replacement.

Good luck

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