Cant get TV sound to go back through Amp

Dan Smith

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Hi there,

I have an Onkyo TX-SR608 amp and I'v just bought a Samsung UE55F6670 Smart TV. I want the sound of the standard TV to go back through my amp and hence out of my lovely Monitor Audios.

But, even when using the HDMI ARC on the TV and optical cable I cannot get any sound out from the TV's outputs and into the amp.

Is the HDMO ARC inbound only or will this send outbound too?

Hopefully this is an easy fix if anyone can please advise? :)


Big Rob

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Press the audio button on the Onkeyo remote, then up button until you get to "AUDIOSEL" then right arrow along to optical

Dan Smith

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Thanks but I only can see Input SEL and Not Audio SEL. Within Input SEL it does not show an 'Optical' option?

Big Rob

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Ok sorry that's how it is on mine (older model) I'm sure it's just a case of telling the amp that you want the sound via optical. I'm sure someone with more knowledge then me will be along to help you further.


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ARC (Audio Return Channel) will fascilitate the conveyance of audio from an ARC enabled TV to an ARC enabled AV receiver via the HDMI cable otherwise used to convey video from the receiver to the TV. The HDMI cable must be connected to the ARC enabled HDMI input on the TV and not all of the TV's inputs will be enabled. ARC also requires that ARC and HDMI control (CEC) be switched on from within both the TV's and the receiver's HDMI settings. Samsung refer to their implementation of HDMI Control as Anynet while Onkyo refer to it as RIHD.



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Hi, is this the right place to ask for some help?

I have monitor audio asb-2 sound bar, Sky HD and just got myself a Samsung 55HU8200 TV.

Managed most of the set up, can watch Sky TV with sound via the amp but I'm having problems watching/hearing anything from the Samsung TV itself via its tuner or apps. How do I get them via the amp?

Currently it's sky into amp and amp into HDMI1 on the TV.

Is it this ARC thing (HDMI4 on my set I think?) and do you have to change the port on the amp also?

I'm very confused! Thanks for any help



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You connect the soundbar via its HDMI output to the TV's ARC enabled HDMI input. HDMI Control has to be enabled on both the TV and the soundbar to use ARC and there's probably ARC settings on both that also need to be set in order to use ARC. Samsung term their implementation of HDMI Control Anynet so this has to be enabled on the TV. Also select "Receiver" as the speakers via the TV's option menu.

From the soundbars manual:

HDMI Toggle

Used to toggle through the HDMI inputs. The LED on the front will flash to denote the HDMI input number. eg, HDMI 2, will be 2 flashes. To enable the ARC, it is HDMI 4.
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