Can't get sky magic eye working... Please help


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hi folks, after a bit of help re my new Sky Magic Eye...

My setup is as follows;

- Sky+HD - TV connected to Sky box by HDMi cable only (no co-ax or similar)

- Coax cable from rf2 on sky box to wall socket (wall socket also has an arial point which my broadband is connected to)

- Cable runs round outside of house and comes in front room wall, which i have then added the Magic Eye to and into my TV.

I am not getting a red light on the Eye and also i can't tune the TV set into the Magic Eye, I've tried on analogue from channels 1-6 but with no joy. If my wall plate is isolated would this prevent the picture being sent to the second tv or just disable the magic eye? I've tried the magic eye direct at the main tv and it works fine

Any nudges in the right direction would be very muchly appreciated please...
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If your wallplates are isolated, this will prevent the 9V getting from the Sky Box to the magic eye. If you've tried it on the main tv and it works, it would suggest you have the 9V turned on and its the wall plates that are stopping it working.

An isolated wall plate wouldn't prevent the picture from getting through. You need to tune the analogue channel on the TV to match the channel set on the Sky box. I can't remember exactly, but if the 9V isn't getting through to the magic eye, I don't think you'll get a picture...don't quote me on that though.


Forget the "magic eye" to begin with - the channel should get through, either with or without it.
Do you have a terrestrial aerial, that's connected to the "arial point" on the "wall socket" and if so is there a connection from that point to the aerial-in socket on the Sky machine?
If there is then the extension TV should get the analogue programme numbers one to five if you still have them, and the Sky channel on analogue programme 6 tuned to channel 68.
If there isn't then the analogue tuner should simply find the Sky channel on 68, on any of the programme numbers.
All the details are explained in full on this fixed thread:
Let us know how you get on with them.
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