Can't get RGB 10 bits with Nvidia 3060 on LG OLED CX, why?


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  • Lenovo Legion 5 with Nvidia 3060 - All drivers updated
  • LG OLED CX 65 - OS updated
  • HDMI Ultra High Speed cable (Xbox series X cable)
  • HDMI Ultra Deep Colour activated for the HDMI input I'm using
  • HDMI input set to PC Mode
I can only get up to 4k 120Hz RGB 8 bit.

Help would be much appreciated, I've looked everywhere but I can't find any reasons for it not to work. :(

Thank you.


  • Screenshot 2021-07-25 101408.png
    Screenshot 2021-07-25 101408.png
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Can you utilize G-Sync on this output, some laptops do not have the gaming GPU always wired to the video outputs and work via pass-through to the built in CPU/GPU.

A quick search on the net seems to say the RTX-3060 supports 10-bit.


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Potential cable problem but check - display settings and that HDR, VRR and GPU acceleration are enabled.

Do you get dropouts - screen going black and returning again?


My bad. It really has HDMI 2.1. But according to this specs sheet Its chipset doesn't support full bandwidth. Look at "monitor support". It is very strange, but maybe this is the reason?

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