can't get optical sound to work on Yamaha RXv4600




I am looking for a bit of help with this. For some reason I cannot get any sound output from my amp when I connect via optical cable. All leads are connected properly, and I have tried setting the amp to automatic and also to digital/optical, but to no avail.

Has anybody experienced this problem, or do you think there is a problem with the amp.

Thanks in advance.


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ok, firstly what are you trying to connect via optical cable to the amp? a DVD player? Sky+ box etc?

make sure in the amps set up menus, that you have assigned the optical input socket to the source button on the amp (ie if your optical inputs are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4, and you have source options on the amp of DVD, CD, DBS, Tape, VCR and Tuner, if you plug your DVD player in to input socket 2, make sure that in the setup menu under Digital Input Assignment or however Yamaha label the same thing you have DVD Source with Socket 2 or Input 2 and not a different number...)

try that, but if still no joy post back with what item of equipment as sometimes you need to set something else on that piece of equipment to get it to work (ie on a DVD player go in to sound options and make sure you set output to BitStream, or on the Sky+ box make sure it says DolbyDigital, not Stereo or Mono in the sound setup options)


optical out for 4600

1 = md/tape
2 = cd-r
3 = cd
4 = dvd
5 = dtv
6 = cbl/sat

if any use for you :)


Hi thanks for that, have managed to get Sky+ connected but can't get XBox360 to work. I am connecting it to the DTV input via RGB and optical. I have changed the settings within the xbox 360 dashboard, and there is no problem with the cable as the light in shining through.

Any ideas?


did u set up DTV in the yam 2600 GUI....

( assuming the 4600 has a GUI.. as im going by the 2600 i have )
to take wot video input u want and optical-DTV for the sound input.
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