Can't get on the net


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My son has just bought a new Mac laptop for university as that's what's required for the course he's doing. I hate it!!!
It looks nice, has a good keyboard, superb display, and is (speaking as a windows user) completely unfathomable.
The big problem is that whatever we try, we cannot get it to connect to the net.
We've installed the disc from our ISP, and nothing. We've plugged it direct via ethernet as (poorly described) in the instructions, and nothing.
The connection via USB to the speedtouch box doesn't seem to be linking up. One light flashes red, and the other doesn't come on at all. When using it with windows both indicators are green.
Are we doing anything stupidly wrong? Cos if we don't get it sorted soon, I'll be checking out its aerodynamic qualities.

Also, is there a free program for Macs similar to Easy Office?


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Can we start with a couple of questions ?

What sort of net connection do you have ?

usb modem to your pc ?
wired (ethernet) connection ?
wireless connection ?

is it cable/adsl ? is it a standalone modem or a router with spare ethernet ports ?

Don't worry will get it sorted !!



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By the sounds of it you have a Thompson SpeedTouch modem. Do you know the exact model number modem you have?

Is it a router (and if so is it wired or wireless)?

My wired SpeedTouch (ST546) router/modem connects my MacBook and MacBook Pro to the net without needing to do anything (no installation or driver are required on my Macs).

I am not sure what Easy Office is or what it's like but if it's a standard office suite your after (i.e. word processor and spreadsheets) then give NeoOffice a try. NeoOffice is free and has a Mac like look to it.


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I have a speedtouch 330 modem, and a SmartAX MT882 ethernet box.
The retailer told me it's configuration which is wrong. He managed to connect it at the store via their wireless link.
I use a wired link at home for the Windows laptop via the Speedtouch. When connecting this to the Mac, neither green light comes on, just the red flashing one.
Using the ethernet box, the power and link lights shine green, and the LAN light is amber (I've never used this so don't know what should light).
No router is involved.

I'm sure it's probably something simple, but I can't get my head around how Macs work. With windows I manage to do quite a few bits and bobs, but this has me completely stumped.


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Ok ... I'm guessing that you have a username/password set up in windows for the modem when connected via usb ...

... using usb modems (for either platform) is a bit of a pain as the broadband can't be shared as the primary computer needs to be on to be connected ... it also places a load on the host OS to drive the modem - a standalone wired/wireless adsl modem has no overheads and is always on and ready for any user ...

However your main problem is that the speedtouch 330 drivers are not compatible with your new intel macbook and even BT suggest you use an ethernet-based router ...

From what I have read the SmartAX can support a usb and ethernet connection - I would suggest using the mac on the ethernet connection ... what I can't seem to find out is whether the PC on the usb port needs to connect to the net and then the ethernet port is 'shared' while the connection is open ... from the attached pdf it seems you can set your login details into the SmartAX

Could I delicately suggest an easier way for both users would be to get a cheap 4-port ethernet-based adsl router (around £25) or a wireless adsl router which would allow the macbook to easily connect over airport from anywhere in the house (I'm assuming the PC is a desktop and based near the phone point) ...



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Thanks for the advice so far. I'll have a go at it as I have a week's holiday coming up, and I'll probably need it!

Neo Office installed after saving it on my laptop. Thanks for the link- it looks just the job.

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