Cant get my head round it.


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I cant get my head round these Gamecube Memory cards,

Ive got a Competition PRO, which comes with the Resi bundle from toys'r'us. I think it has 16 blocks or files ( still used to the playstation ones ), i have 6 files in use SMB*1, Star wars*1, Resi evil *3 and Pikmin*1. Then each game uses different amount off files i.e SMB=3, SW=3, Resi evil=8, Pikmin=19 :eek: . So why cant i save SSBM on any of the remaning 10 files.
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:. As you can see this isnt half confusing me ( no wonder i didn't do very well in that IQ test Groundy:D .

Also i 'm gonna get a new memory card so anyone know of a good one.



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buy an original one.

i have pickmin, sms, star wars,tony hawk, eternal darkness and starfox adventure saves on one card, oh and pal iss on it too, with no problems.

and i have jap biohazard, luigi mansion, waverace and something else which for the life of me i cant remeber on another one.

where as a mate bought a third party card that is meant to be x times the size and he has all sorts of problems.


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Cheers Gizlaroc,

Thought about that earlier saw the Official 251 for £20 so i might order it, whats the 251 bit for.


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that will be the size of the card but i dont knoe if that is the standard one or the larger one


General rule of thumb.. Don't touch 3rd Party memory cards for any console because they are hardly reliable and will just cause you grief. Stick to the originals and you won't have a problem... Generally ^_^

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