Can't get my head around the 1080p statement


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Just got a Samsung le37b550 - says 1080p on the box. From sky HD and also bdp - s360 tv says input is 1080i. I've read some threads on here about that but dont get it still. Does it mean the blu-ray isn't delivering the 1080p pic or is it the tv can't display it? If it is the latter why do they market it as a 1080p - how could you ever get a 1080p to display - surely thats false marketing, one thread I read said the panel might be 1080p capable but the processor/connections are not? Still means the tv CANT do 1080p right? Thats a lie right?

Am I just getting heated up over nothing?

Help me out please.


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A quick look says the screen is 1920x1080 = 1080p.
SKYHD can only do 1080i, so you will never get 1080p
Is your BD player set to output 1080p?


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Sky HD - yeah got the point.

Blu-ray - video output was set to auto 1080/24p so I manually changed to 'on' and tv still said 1080i. Am I missing something?


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My bad - there was a diff menu option 'video output' which was on auto. I've now put on 1080p and is ok.


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