Can't get my broadband to connect to new laptop

rob j

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Hey everyone!

I really need some help - This matter is really P****** me off as I can not solve this! Here it is;

I have a Blueyonder broadband connection for my desktop PC which works fine,

But when I put the modem cable into my laptop I cannot get any online data eg internet to download.

The Laptop has an NIC card and Ethernet adapter for LAN & internet etc, and when I plug the modem cable into the laptop the network connection box shows in the tool bar that it is connected at 10Mbs and is working fine;

But when I click on IE or MSN explorer the pages won't connect and there is no activity be received by the laptop when I view the properties for the network connection.

Can anyone help me to get the internet working properly on my laptop? It doesn't seem that hard of a problem to me but perhaps I am missing something!

Any help would be be GREATLY appreciated on this matter!



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Unplug the Cable Modem from the mains for up to 2hrs. This will reset the Mac number.

rob j

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You are a saint!

I'll unplug this overnight and then give it go in the morning.



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Don't thank me just yet, though this does solve the same problem with NTL/Telewest Broadband modems.


If youy want to swap often, it'll pay you to get a NAT router, plug the modem into that and plug what you like, when you like, into the router, including both at the same time.

Tim Cooper

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Hi Rob,
Why don't you just register the mac address of the laptop with Blueyonder you can register up to 4.
If your running xp, type ipconfig/all & make a note of the physical address & register with blueyonder i think you can do it via self care.
Simplest way would be to by a hub/switch or router & set up a home network piece of p** to setup in xp.

Mark Grant

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Hello Rob,

As Maw says, a router is the way to go.

Solwise are a company that specialises in this sort of thing.
Worth giving them a call, they give good advice and support.

Consider getting a wireless acces point + card for your laptop, then you can surf from anywhere around the house and garden, no wires.



Dont forget that so can anyone else in the neighbourhood! My network is wired and private, though it leads over several garden fences...

Of course the convenience of wireless can't be beat, and if you've got the time and knowledge, of course they can be secure. But if you see funny chalk marks on the garden wall start worrying!


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Some routers available can "Clone" the MAC address of the original card that was used to set up the connection, so no need to contact Telewest!
Luckily I use NTL, and a Buffalo Airstation, so no probs networking the whole house.
No chalk marks around so far, but I will keep checking...


ditto on the Nat router.
Nice thing is, it also serves as firewall. Don't get near as many hits on my Zonealarm since I put it on.
I use the Belkin router. Works great.
Or you could just put a 2nd nic in you main computer, set up Internet connection sharing, and you could have almost the same effect.

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