cant get multichannel out of cars


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Folks, Hi!

Weird problem I can't figure out. My cars DVD is marked as Dolby digital 5.1 and dolby surround 2.0 described english. I get full surround multichannel decoding with the trailers and the THX intro, but when the main feature starts it drops to Dolby Digital [LtRt] and the multichannel light goes out.

No problem with any other DVD & theres no DTS on this title. I'm feeding the amp with optical from my DVD player.

Is it possible that the amp wont decode the signal because the frequency is too high?

Any ideas? My amp is a Sony1200ES with a really old Panasonic DVD player. Output in PCM mode allowing through higher than 48 kHz sound.


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hmm...if the trailers and THX intro are ok and coming out in Dolby Digital 5.1, then i'd suggest going in to the discs Audio Option menu (thats the actual Cars disc, not the player) and make sure it isnt set to automatically use normal stereo......a few DVD's seem to come out that default to stereo and you have to physically select 5.1 on the discs menus....

are the options on the DVD player's menus PCM or Bitstream? if so i'm sure you should be using bitstream to be safe.....might be


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Spot on! Many thanks. Found it under the Languages menu, 2 or 5 speaker English :clap: .

Theres also a nice THX util on the disk for setting up contrast etc :smashin:

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