Can't get MacBook Pro to output 5120x1440 to Dell U4919DW


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Need some help with this, have a MacBook Pro Touch Bar model I bought last year and a Dell U4919DW and the max resolution I can output is 3840x1080. Any ideas? The MacBook should be able to output 5K and 6K to one display.


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5120x1440 is 7.3 megapixels, less than 4K, so high resolution support isn't the issue here. Dell's published system requirements say you only need DisplayPort 1.2 which has been around for years:

They also say that Macbooks with Intel graphics won't do that resolution over USB Type C connectors. Likely some sort of implementation or driver issue.

Does yours have Intel graphics (only) and are there any other video outputs you could try?


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I've tried with HDMI but it's giving me a pink hue to the screen which is really odd. My cheapo ThinkPad for work handles it no problems.

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